Company Information

APIR® has been the Financial Services Industry's standard identification and coding agency for all products since 1993 and more recently, participants. We register all products and participants, and house comprehensive directories accessed by Research Houses, Centrelink, Platforms, ATO, Advisers, Dealers and Funds.

APIR® continues to be committed to obtaining maximum consensus from industry associations, market participants and regulators, to ensure the positive growth of the Financial Services Industry in a growing information technology environment.

APIR® is continuing to roll out critical information utilities required to support the development of electronic business. Available industry wide, these utilities take the form of information registers based around participants and products.

As the industry continues to grow and develop, so do we and we are looking forward to a bright and prosperous future.

The people at APIR®

APIR® is managed by Financial Service professionals and ICT specialists. Harnessing years of experience in both back and front office across sell- and buy-side, APIR® provides financial companies and industry regulators with tailored solutions that ease fund distribution, maximise profits and lay the foundation for sustainable industry growth. Its skills are in identifying and mapping organisations, people and products in the industry. This information is made available through industry directories on a non-competitive basis.

The management team at APIR® has the expertise and background to take the company forward, with new and innovative solutions within the Financial Services Industry.


The proprietors of APIR® are a broad group of private investors with a firm belief in the future of the company's systems in the region and eventually in the international market place.