Product Applications

Please select the relevant application and/or change form or contact us to confirm which form to use:

Product Applications
PriorityFirst Regular Guide
Managed Investment & Superannuation Product pdf PF2301 pdf 2301 pdf 2301G
Managed Accounts pdf PF2401 pdf 2401 pdf 2401G
Archival Forms (APIR® Code & SPIN)
Managed Investment Product pdf 2302A (MI)
Superannuation Product pdf 2302A (SP)
Managed Account pdf 2302A (MA)
RE/Trustee Transfer Form (APIR® Code & SPIN)
Managed Investment & Superannuation Product, Managed Account pdf 2302T
Change Form (APIR® Code & SPIN)
Managed Investment & Superannuation Product pdf 2302C

Participant APIR® Codes will be issued by APIR® to any Organisation participating in the Financial Services Industry who completes the required registration form and pays for the participant registration and code issuance service. All forms must be completed by a duly Authorised Person for the Organisation.

The issuance and maintenance of a Participant APIR® Code is based on acceptance of the Terms and Conditions by the client. for a regular client, the participant APIR® Code will normally be issued and/or changed within ten (10) business days from payment reconciliation.

To fast track a Participant APIR® Code issuance to within five (5) business days, please select the FastTrack service on the participant registration form.

For multi-application request for more than ten (10) Product APIR® Codes or SPINs, please contact us for a spreadsheet application form.

Participant APIR® Codes are permanent identifiers and remain current for the life of the Organisation.

PriorityFirst Membership

Membership to PriorityFirst is solely at the discretion of APIR® Systems. It is normally available to AFSL holders including RE, Trustees & Administrators with a high volume of product registrations who have been using our coding services for a minimum of 2 years.

For more information on membership please refer to the Benefits and to apply please use the Application Form.

For assistance on PriorityFirst, please contact us with your queries at


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  • All product registrations accrue an annual maintenance fee until the Organisation submits an archival form due to product terminating in the market.
  • For more information about the Product Directory, YellowBook®, please click here.
  • For information about SPIN products, please click here.


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