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APIR ® Codes are the standard method of identification for primarily unlisted, investment products, and are widely used within the financial services industry in Australia and increasingly in New Zealand. In addition to the APIR® Code, each product is allocated a Shortened Name and an Abbreviated Name.

The Financial Services Council of Australia recommends the use of the APIR® Code to its members as the industry standard product identifier. This information is used by many players in the FSI such as fund managers, financial planners, software support organisations, research houses and margin lending companies.

YellowBook® can be used to view information about products registered with APIR ®, including SPIN level products. You will be able to get information such as who the responsible entity is for that product, the contact details and account details.

Within YellowBook® you can search by either:

  • Name (including partial name)
  • APIR® Code
  • International Securities Identification Number (ISIN), or
  • Responsible Entity or Trustee

When searching by partial fund name the result provided will be a full list of coded products that contains that partial name.

When searching by APIR® Code, the results will provide you with the full name of the product that is associated with the code searched.

  • The SPIN directory search facility is FREE.
  • It provides information on all superannuation products with SPINs.
  • The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and the superannuation industry uses the information in this register as a basis for validating surcharge data, rejecting invalid data and transferring surcharge assessment liabilities.

This service helps you access high quality up-to date product reference data in a simpler, more efficient and faster way. This service takes the headache of spending many hours prospecting through individual product and business information through multiple sources.

The data for this service is drawn from APIR® database, unparallel in coverage, consistency and reliability, supported by our expertise and experience in the industry.

Our services cover managed funds and superannuation funds and once you make a choice, we deliver your data in a separate field format within five business days of us receiving your request. Learn More.

Data Search

This free search function has now been replaced with a more advanced search using APIR®'s YellowBook® Directory. This change now gives users access to more information about products that was previously available and it is still FREE.

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