SPIN Register Search

Superannuation products registered with APIR® Code may be designated as SPIN-level products. The SPIN Directory can be used to view this information.

For more information about the SPIN Directory and how to apply please click here.

Find by Identifier

Identifiers include:

  • Superannuation Product Identification Numbers (SPIN);
  • The fund's Product APIR® Code;
  • Superannuation Fund Numbers (SFN);
  • The fund's Australian Business Numbers (ABN);
  • Provider's APIR® Code.

Please note the following formatting when searching by identifier:

  • The format of a Product SPIN is 'AAA9999AA';
  • The format of a Fund APIR® Code is 'AAA9999AA';
  • The format of a Fund SFN is '999999999' or '9999 999 99';
  • The format of a Fund ABN is '99999999999' or '99 999 999 999';
  • The format of a Provider APIR® Code is 'AAAA999AA'.

Where 'A' means any letter A - Z and '9' means any digit 0 - 9

Find by Name

Names include: Product Name, Superannuation Fund Name and Superannuation Provider Name.